10 Things to Do in Paris

Paris is one of those rare cities where time seems to stand still and yet never gets left behind.

Being a city divided into many quadrants or quartiers that each have their own way of life and culture, the most rewarding activity to do in Paris is to simply experience the street life.

The compactness of the city allows you to go from an old Paris town to bohemian bridges, modern architecture through to cathedrals that are thousands of years old.

While we could have made a list a mile long, we have plucked out a top 10 list of things to do, see, shop and eat in the city of love, Paris.

#1 Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower had to be number one on our list. It is the quintessential icon of Paris and one of the most recognised landmarks in the world.

The tower is open for tours every day of the year, from 9:30 am until 11:45.

To avoid queues we recommend buying your tickets online which will cost you 17€ per adult and 14.5€ for kids.

You can also download the app which has some great audio and written guides to help you find your way around the monument.

The best time to head up in the evening, that way you get to see Paris during the day, be treated with a sunset and then watch as the city lights up before your eyes.

#2 The Louvre

The Louvre Paris

Another staple to Paris is The Louvre. This central landmark is the worlds largest museum and it the second most visited museum with over 9 million visitors per year.

It was originally built in the late 12th century as a fortress and now houses over 380,000 objects and displays 35,000 pieces of art over eight different departments.

We we wouldn’t blame you if you ever got lost!

If you are an art lover you will need at least a full day to experience everything that the Louvre has to offer.

But if you’re on a bit of a tight schedule you can find some ‘get me there’ quick guides that will give you a road map to the the most popular works like the Mona Lisa, Aphrodite and The Great Feast.

The museum is open every day except Tuesday’s, tickets are €15 each or free for anyone under the age of 18.

#3 The Marais Paris

The Morais

The Marais is the place to be for a true Parisian experience. It is commonly referred to as The Old Paris with its cobblestone streets and balcony ladened buildings.

Here you will find galleries, hidden courtyards, countless boutiques and designer hotels.

It is a hotspot during Fashion week and comes to life at night being amongst the best in Paris for nightlife.

If museums are your thing, you will be spoilt for choice. Our favourite is the Arts and Trades museum which is Europes oldest science museum.

Or why not explore the Museum Carnavalet with over 140 rooms depicting the history of Paris including items belonging to Napoleon.

#4 Try a Macaron at Laduree

Paris Macaron

Whether you’re a connoisseur or just love something sweet, you can’t go to Paris and not try the almond, ganache goodness that is a macaron.

Laduree are the macaron pioneers with 3 locations across Paris. We believe they offer the best range in the city for any macaron lover.

Oh, and if the line going out the door is anything to go by, you wont be leaving with just one.

A six pack of mini macaroons will set you back around €12.

#5 Notre Dame

Notre Dame Paris

Another famous landmark in Paris is the Notre Dame Cathedral.

It is considered to be one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture with brilliant stained glass rose windows, sculptures and the famous gargoyle statues.

A great way to see the Cathedral is by taking a tour to the top of the tower. A mere 387 steps will see you to the upper parts of the western facade.

Here you will see the gargoyles up close and be treated with view of the city.

Also open to the public is the crypt beneath the Cathedral. These were built back in the 1960s to protect the relics that were unearthed during excavations in 1965.

Now you can discover these relics from multiple buildings that were once constructed on the site.

#6 The Palaces of Versailles

Palaces Versailles Paris

About 20kms southwest of the city center stands the Palaces of Versailles.

Once home to King Louis XIV it is now one of the grandest and most opulent castles in the world.

Inside the palace you will find the Hall of Mirrors. Over 375 mirrors reflect the gardens through the 17 arched windows giving the feeling of a never ending space.

Also inside is the Chapel, the Grand Apartment of Louis the XIV, the Opera Auditorium and most famous of all, Marie Antionettes Apartment.

Outside the Palace is just as spectacular. The grand gardens consist of 250 acres of landscaped gardens, geometric paths, manicured lawns and regal fountains.

#7 Canal Saint-Martin

Paris Canals

Located in the heart of Paris is the very trendy Saint Martin Canal.

Either side of the canal you will find petite cafes and quirky boutiques. Locals love coming here to enjoy their lunch spread out on a picnic rugs listening to their favourite songs.

Look out for the Hotel du Nord which was made famous by the movie of the same name back in 1938. This is also a great place to stop for lunch and enjoy a game of chess on the patio.

On Sundays, the streets running parallel to the canal are closed. This is the best time to come and hire a bike and ride along the 4.3km stretch.

#8 Pont Alexandre III Bridge

Paris Mont Alexander Bridge

Not just any old bridge, the Pont Alexandre is the most ornate and extravagant bridge in Paris and is definitely worth a look.

It spans the Seine and connects the Champs-Elysees quarter to the Eiffel Tower.

Lavishly decorated with cherubs, nymphs and lamp posts atop 17m high granite pillars, each sculpture was designed by a different artist.

For the best view, we recommend the Seine River tour which will take you right past.

#9 Montparnasse Tower

Montparnasse Tower Paris

The only skyscraper in all of Paris, the Montparnasse Tower stands over 270m tall.

From atop the 56th floor terrace you get a 360 degree view of the city. On a clear day you can see up to 40kms in to the distance.

Enjoy the trip to the top in one of the fastest lifts in the world and step out into the weather proofed glass terrace where you will be treated to the landmarks across Paris.

The wait time here is half that of the Eiffel Tower, so if you don’t like queues but still want the postcard view, then the Montparnasse Tower is for you.

#10 Catacombs of Paris

Paris Catacombs

So you think you have seen all that Paris has to offer. Now its time to go underground.

The Catacombs are a series of several eerie tunnels that run 20m underneath the city. Created after the above ground cemeteries started to overflow, the bones of the buried were exhumed and relocated into the tunnels.

The bones were then stacked one on top of each other against the walls inside the quarries and have now since become a very popular tourist destination.

There are tours that will take you through the tunnels and go for approx. 2 hours and cost around $70.

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